About Dr. Milne

Dr. Rosemarie Milne has been published in several articles in her field. A skincare expert, licensed aesthetician, and registered massage therapist; she has spoken on various topics such as complimentary alternative medicine, the benefits of massage therapy, and on preventative healthcare treatments for pain. She is currently a licensed natural health practitioner with the City of Edmonton, Alberta Beach, & Lac Ste Anne, Alberta and has been practicing as a natural health practitioner since 2017. She has owned and operated medi-spas and is a practicing Medical Esthetician since 2014.

We treat every patient in our clinic with our expert knowledge of complimentary alternative medical sciences. Dr. Milne’s training in: anatomy, physiology, remedial exercise, rehabilitation, pathologies, pharmacology, prescribing, treatment planning, and clinical medical sciences allow Dr. Milne to treat you holistically in an overall competent manner. Dr. Milne is a graduate of many post secondary institutions. She holds an impressive amount of titles alongside dual academia program titles.

Dr. Milne offers complimentary consultations at Blend Wellness & Beauty in Edmonton, Alberta for anyone interested in natural cosmetic interventions that can improve their overall appearance. A holistic clinic that is dedicated to serving you from face to body! We do not practice allopathic nor western Medicine. We are a CAM wellness clinic. Open by appointment only.