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“Hello and welcome! My name is Rose Marie Milne. I’m a qualified Homeopathic Doctor with a special interest in Children’s and Women’s Health. I’m passionate about my work and would love to help you too. Homeopathy is a system of medicine that I am so passionate about, and it is no wonder that it is the second largest system of medicine in the world. It is cost effective, and has shown remarkable success when practiced using the Liz Lalor methodology. Homeopathics is a low risk and fast acting alternative treatment. It is employed by many qualified practitioners around the world and brings outstanding results.” Our clinic is approved for direct billing with select insurers, contact us today to find out if you’re eligible for reimbursement with your existing insurance company.

Dr. Rosemarie Milne has been published in several articles in her field. A skincare expert, licensed aesthetician, and registered massage therapist; she has spoken on various topics such as complimentary alternative medicine, the benefits of massage therapy, and on preventative healthcare treatments for pain. She is currently a licensed natural health practitioner with the City of Edmonton, Alberta Beach, & Lac Ste Anne, Alberta and has been practicing as a natural health practitioner since 2017. She has owned and operated medi-spas and is a practicing Medical Esthetician since 2014.

We treat every patient in our clinic with our expert knowledge of complimentary alternative medical sciences. Dr. Milne’s training in: anatomy, physiology, remedial exercise, rehabilitation, pathologies, pharmacology, prescribing, treatment planning, and clinical medical sciences allow Dr. Milne to treat you holistically in an overall competent manner. Dr. Milne is a graduate of many post secondary institutions. She holds an impressive amount of titles alongside dual academia program titles.

Homeopathy is an energy based medicine targeting your entire symptom picture. We want to know you on all levels- mentally, emotionally and physically, in order to understand how your ailment or pain or disease affects you. Once we get to know your full symptom picture, then we can match it with a similar remedy picture.

The the basis of homeopathy is like cures like, otherwise known as the law of similars. The law of similars is based on the concept of destructive interference. In order to cancel the symptom energy within the body system we match it with a similar energy found in nature, calming the disease and allowing your body to heal itself.

The only way the body can truly heal is by establishing equilibrium or balance found through homeostasis. The more balanced the body system is, the more optimal it functions. That’s our goal with you.

Dr. Milne offers complimentary consultations at Blend Wellness & Beauty in Edmonton, Alberta for anyone interested in natural cosmetic interventions that can improve their overall appearance. A holistic clinic that is dedicated to serving you from face to body! We do not practice allopathic nor western Medicine. We are a CAM wellness clinic. Open by appointment only.

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